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        Vince, The Invincible Dragon                   37" Tall x 30" Wide x 72" long

Special Shipping Applies   

Marbles for his eyes, and horns are made from chrome parts of a vintage Ford Mustang that I “picked” at a car show, both upper and lower jaws are made from 2 garden spades—handles removed—and held together with screws and computer parts. The covering on the spades is made from mouse parts…NOT real MOUSE parts! The tongue is made from a part of a little toy airplane as well as the “beak” on the end of the nose. Vince has teeth from silver plated forks as well as tiny, red chili peppers. The neck is a vacuum hose and the vacuum is his body, under all the scales. Attached to the neck is a flexible stainless steel hose that can be positioned in several directions. His tail is made from a vintage Ice Saw that I found on Ebay and then I cut it into sections and attached several hinges so it would articulate. His feet are garden tools, and he has dials and gauges to get that "fire" going. He holds a Crystal he found in the castle. 

You can also see his umbrella wings and he has some fire under his tummy.



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Chickens in Outer Space: An Important Journey

  23 " Tall x 8" wide x 7" long--each
      $875.00 each or $1600.00 pair

                     Ms Jupi Ter and Ms To Mars

Here are 2 very important "Eggstronauts" that have been assigned  to an extremely difficult mission; they are going out into the dark silence of Outer Space, each carrying precious, live cargo! Many Supreme Eggs are safely tucked away in the special egg crates, kept warm by brilliantly designed warming baskets. When hatched in Outer Space, and raised on  suitable distant planets, the resulting population of chickens will be used to repopulate the devastating chicken populations on Earth. Chicken families, including newly laid eggs, are on the endangered species list! Many pockets of chicken civilizations have completely disappeared. There has been speculation, but no definite conclusion as to WHY.  A certain “corporation”  that raises chickens for consumption has been suspect!  Ms Jupi Ter and Ms To Mars mission, which they have chosen to accept, will be dangerous and uncertain and will only succeed with their bravery and determination. Until this mystery has been solved, Ms Jupi Ter and Ms To Mars will boldly go where no chickens have gone before in order to explore strange, new planets, to seek out new life and new civilizations. 
       Good Luck, Chickens in Outer Space! Go Forward!

Special Shipping Applies

Ms Jupi Ter

Ms To Mars

        Charlene, The Chameleon     
       15” tall x 12” deep x 19” long

Special Shipping Applies   

The construction of this sculpture consists of salad tongs for their feet, computer parts for various parts  of their bodies, badminton shuttlecocks that I sent to China for, CDs under their necks to support the heads, a mason jar ring to balance the little globes in which Tetra fish are sometimes purchased, antennae from old cell phones, and "blown" eggs in a straw box with real straw. if you look closely at the heads, they are constructed from "white out" dispensers and their beaks are old NIBS from some antique pens I have. You will also notice on their backs, they have supply boxes and wires and tubes in order to produce oxygen for their space travel. You really have to see these up close to realize all that they are created from. 

 Charlene is a rather studious lady. You might say she’s an artist with color and style. She enjoys learning all she can about color. Her many books are with her at all times in case she needs a special “hue” that with help her blend  into her jungle surroundings.  She has a special pair of glasses that allow her to distinguish an infinite array of colors in her native South America. Her book is a reminder of all that the beautiful continent shares with the Earth.


Charlene’s very creative construction consists of a vintage green bait box, once used for creepy crawlies for fishing, her back is lined with spark plugs, and her tail is a chain from an old elevator. Small colorful tacks were added to the chain because she loves to be in style at all times.  She was NOT born with a silver spoon in her mouth but silver forks for her feet! Her head is a shoe stretcher—this part goes into the toe, and  her lovely red tongue is a plastic coated electrical wire..  Her unique color wheel gives her an upper hand in the “changing room” and can be dialed-in to go with her jungle surroundings. In addition to all that makes her beautiful, she has wires and plugs and twisty things to keep her climbing and growing in a world of amazing color and beauty.


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This is Page 2

                                       Hi! I'm Joe!

Thanks for droppin’ by my bean juice cart!


It’s the BREW that counts and I have some superbly brewed just for you! 5 cents a cup! I have the cup, too. No need for too many! So grab it and I’ll get the burner goin’.


                              Recycled & Found Objects including:

An old cowboy coffee pot, vintage MJB coffee can, old stove burner, computer parts, copper tubing, old doll buggy wheels, an antique coffee cup, and nuts, washers, bolts and more!


       Joe Java's Bean Juice Cart
          25" Tall x 9" Deep x 9" Wide

          Sam, The Avenging Nighthawk
           (A Night Light with Clock)
               30" Tall x 9" deep x 13" Wide



"I have wings to fly to you at night and I have a little midnight snack to share with you if you get hungry,. I will be here when you need me and I will wake you when you need to get up. I am Sam." 


Sam has a clock inside his chest. When he opens his wings, you can see the clock—it illuminates at night, too.  He’s just eaten his breakfast of "Captain Crunch" that he will share with you. He keeps some "Whoppers" on hand for extra energy.  He’s “earned his wings” as you can see, from Delta, and is fully certified to fly. He even has his name engraved (key board letters) proudly displayed just above the Delta wings.

He needs his SUPER SPECIAL glasses at night to keep close watch in the room as his “person” sleeps.

Sam’s favorite book, Object-Oriented Analysis And Design,  is included with him .It seems logical to him to brush up on any new info he can…while guarding his “person”.

Sam's unique head is made of an old metal steamed milk server. His glasses are from a locket and you can see a light sensor in the night light. His wings are made from a vegetable strainer, legs are made from pop-up sprinkler parts and his feet are Mouse(s). Look for many other items as you look more closely. 


This is Page 2

This is also a night light !

                              ART-bot prices do not include taxes, professional packaging, or shipping charges.
I will deliver any ART-bot over 24" tall and within 100 miles of Kalispell, MT at NO extra charge except taxes.

AFTER you've selected  your favorite ART-bot, I will get the pricing for packing, taxes, and  shipping and let you know the total cost. Please use PayPal for your payment to Carla Moss.

Updated 9/25/2023

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