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   Joe Java's Bean Juice Cart

      25" Tall x 9" Deep x 9" Wide

Hi! I'm Joe!

Thanks for droppin’ by my bean juice cart!


It’s the BREW that counts and I have some superbly brewed just for you! 5 cents a cup! I have the cup, too. No need for too many! So grab it and I’ll get the burner goin’.


Recycled & Found Objects including:

An old cowboy coffee pot, vintage MJB coffee can, old stove burner, computer parts, copper tubing, old doll buggy wheels, an antique coffee cup, and nuts, washers, bolts and more!


The antique coffee pot was a great find. The old stove burner came from a stove we replaced and the coffee can is also very old! 

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Copper tubing heats the coffee.  Extra beans in the tray are regularly replenished for the freshest java. The blue metal cup is the only cup he uses so the line is long, waiting to get that wonderful brew!


Close up of his coffee cart. Also, notice a cup of the black liquid is just 5 cents! There is an olds fashion twist can opener from long ago. Can you spot it?


      Sam, The Avenging Nighthawk               (A Night Light with Clock)

     30" Tall x 9" deep x 13" Wide


"I have wings to fly to you at night and I have a little midnight snack to share with you if you get hungry,. I will be here when you need me and I will wake you when you need to get up. I am Sam." 


Sam has a clock inside his chest. When he opens his wings, you can see the clock—it illuminates at night, too.  He’s just eaten his breakfast of "Captain Crunch" that he will share with you. He keeps some "Whoppers" on hand for extra energy.  He’s “earned his wings” as you can see, from Delta, and is fully certified to fly. He even has his name engraved (key board letters) proudly displayed just above the Delta wings.

He needs his SUPER SPECIAL glasses at night to keep close watch in the room as his “person” sleeps.

Sam’s favorite book, Object-Oriented Analysis And Design,  is included with him .It seems logical to him to brush up on any new info he can…while guarding his “person”.

Sam's unique head is made of an old metal steamed milk server. His glasses are from a locket and you can see a light sensor in the night light. His wings are made from a vegetable strainer, legs are made from pop-up sprinkler parts and his feet are Mouse(s). Look for many other items as you look more closely. 


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Sam is also a night light !

Sams clock_edited.jpg

Sam needs a clock to remind him of his schedule. He keeps Captain Crunch close for those early mornings! 
Notice his flight wings award and his wings open for the day.
His name is spelled out with keyboard letters.

Sam has computer mouses for feet, pop-up sprinkler parts for legs, his wings are made from a veggie strainer, his head is a metal cup, and he has a bright antenna for the night light.  

In the back, he is specifically set up with a small mother board that controls most of his assignments. It can be "dialed in" with a stove knob for accuracy. 

Vince, The Invinceable Dragon

72" Long x 36" Wide x 36" Tall


Vince Full image right side_edited.jpg
upper_lower jaws made from 2 garden trowels_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Top of jaw with cat eye marbles_edited.jpg

I attached a silver fork on the top of his head and a tiger eye marble so he could see. On top of his head I attached a section of a mouse part to round out his head. 

before covering vacuum.jpg

I found a small vacuum in a recycle can.
I used this as the body and neck .It's balanced on the old wood using  old garden hand rakes bent to form claws. 

vince as a vacuum.jpg

I used 2 small garden trowels
for the top and bottom of the head.
Fangs are the tines of forks. You can see 
the fork handles.

before final teeth.jpg

You can see the vacuum with the head attached. His "horns" are parts of an old Ford Mustang.

Dragon Tail one  hinge attached_edited.j

Put together, the small garden trowels, forks and part of a toy for a togue, completes the head!

I found an old ice saw, removed the wooden handle, and cut it in sections for his tail. I wanted it to move and bend so I drilled holes in each section and attached brass hinges to all the sections.

Dragon Tail another tail view.jpg

Here, you can see all the finished sections.
On the right, I've attached the tail with screws. 

Vince side showing scales.jpg

Details of the body, over the vacuum. "Leaves" representing dragon feathers, were from a metal fruit bowl. The small, gold, outlined scales came from  vegetable stainers, taken apart and individually screwed to the bodt in a special pattern! 

A Day at the Park with Dad !

39" Tall x 25" Long x 10" Wide


From This...To This...

junk pile for park piece.png

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All those parts became this wonderful sculpture! It took about 2 months to find the parts and then finish this. I wanted to show that families need to take time to be together. You should look closely by clicking on each image. Things open, turn, pop up and keep time. Look!

Dads Detail side of head_edited.jpg

Dad wears glasses that once was a locket that opens. Dad's head is made from a coffee creamer a kitchen scrub brush, wires and beads, with an antenna. The smile is a zipper

Dad closeup.jpg

Dad's upper body ia an electtrical box. It open to reveal a surprise inside.

Detail of sons feet

Son has a clear box full of items


Dad back has all sorts of wonderful things to explore !


My first sketch. Click to enlarge.

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Merit Award for Father and Son_edited.jpg

It even won a blue ribbon at an art show
    at Olive Hyde Gallery , Fremont, CA

    ART-bot prices do not include taxes, professional packaging, or shipping charges.
I will deliver any ART-bot over 24" tall and within 120 miles of Kalispell, MT at NO extra charge. 
AFTER you've selected  your favorite ART-bot, I will get the pricing for packing, taxes, and  shipping and let you know the total cost. Please use PayPal for your payment to Carla Moss.

Updated 3/12/2024

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