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SunBeam Flyer

    It's A Night Light !

Night light On 2.jpg

The night light is incased in one of the beaters &  is like the landing beam!

Top View.jpg
Closeup of handle_edited_edited.jpg

9" Tall x 14" Wide x 12" Front to Back


Frontal rightish.jpg

SunBeam Flyer is so fun. It can be in a child's bedroom or looking good on your desk

Left side view 2.jpg

This shows the mixer's control which actually is the pilot's control system

Left frontal.jpg
top View 2.jpg

The wings and tail are made from the cover of light fixtures

right closeup.jpg

There is a back wheel for stability

A  former Sunbeam hand mixer becomes the Sunbeam Flyer! 

Parts come from a wall sconce old toy wheels, and computer parts, a thimble in the front for a directional instrument, and a variety of items that are recycled. The propellers are from a remote control airplane kit. They spin when you have a room fan on!     Click the switch and it becomes a really great night light!

The ariel is from a cell phone

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Standing on her Atlas, she studies her countries. The green box is a fisherman's bait box!

  Charlene, The Chameleon
     18" Long x 12"Wide x 15"Tall

You have to see her!

Charlene inside nthe eletronics_edited.j

Inside her tummy (bait box) is all the computer color changes she makes

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Charlene left side full view_edited_edit

This side shows her color wheel

Charlenes Head_edited.jpg

Her shiny head is a shoe stretcher!

Another little book to help with her coloring

Small silver forks are attached to a fisherman's bait box--as the body

She studies color theory in a book that helps her decide what color to change into

A chain runs down her back and becomes her tail

Charlenes color wheel and

Books on colors are her passion. Zero in and check this out!

Inside the box, lots of parts! Spark plugs add to her energy and speed!

Thea T. Pott, An Embarrasing Accident

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14" Wide x 16" Long x 13" Tall


A very special tea party show is just about to begin. Suddenly, Thea's over filled tea pot begins to tip! Everything is falling out of her beautifully organized tray of delightful treats. How awful!

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Tea Pot1_edited_edited.jpg

Plates, tea spoons, tea cups and cookies begin to fall and spill.

Tea Pot2_edited_edited.jpg
Tea Pot 3_edited_edited.jpg
Tea Pot 4_edited.jpg

More tea service items, some cookies, falling, falling!!

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Exotic tea pot show copy.jpg

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Tea Pot 3_edited.jpg

A dial from an old stove, in the tea strainer her lovely earrings from my found items

Tea Pot 3_edited_edited_edited.jpg

The dial for heating her tea

The lid is coming off! , Oh, My!! The tray is shifting!

Some lovely old pearls, broken!!! 


    ART-bots include shipping charges within the contiguous US. ART-bot prices do not include taxes, where applicable, 
I will deliver any ART-bot over 24" tall and within 100 miles of Kalispell, MT at NO extra charge. If you live farther away in Montana, please ask me about possible deliveries to your home.


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