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SunBeam Flyer

9" Tall x 14" Wide x 12" Front to Back

    It's A night Light !

       $      475.00  

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Left side view 2.jpg
Left frontal.jpg
top View 2.jpg
right closeup.jpg

                          A former hand mixer becomes the Sunbeam Flyer! 

Parts come from a wall sconce (EDGES ARE COVERED WITH TUBING CUZ IT'S SHARP)  old wheels,   and computer parts, a thimble in the front for a directional instrument, and a variety of items that are recycled. The propellers are from a remote control airplane kit. They spin when you have a room fan on!     Click the switch and it becomes a really great night light!

Coats & Clark

Ivan and Jigger right side.jpg

  Time to take Coats, the  Dog, for a Walk!
    12" Tall x !0" Wide x 9" Front to Back

 $275.00 One-of-a-kind

Ivan and Jigger 2_edited.jpg
Jiggers backside.jpg
Ivan and Jigger side view.jpg

Coats, the dog, and Clark, the Viking, are out for a brisk walk .Clark is a rough and tough Viking and loves to take his long fighting staff with him just incase there might be other Vikings that want to have some sparring fun. Coats is not as fierce as he looks but tries very hard to be  a brave and tough pup. They both enjoy the exciting life they live.

These 2 pieces are made of many parts and pieces. Can you identify a few? Coats is made from a very old wooden spool that once, long ago, held lots of thread. His face is a circuit plug with some bulbs and useful items. He has other little parts from electrical junk.
Clark is made from computer parts and a muffin tin, a computer cord and various other pieces of found parts. His beautiful hair is created from a paint brush! 

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