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               Red Dog Leader

        13" Tall  x  6" Long (deep) x 7" wide

                   The Zany Scientist
         15" tall x 6" Long (deep)  x 5" Wide

              Bruce, Big  Mountain Ski Patrol
                    15" Tall x  9" Long (deep) x 8" Wide    




                                                                                                                                                 ART-bot prices do not include taxes, professional packaging, or shipping charges.

   I will deliver any ART-bot over 24" tall and within 100 miles of Milpitas, CA at NO extra charge except taxes.

AFTER you've selected  your favorite ART-bot, I will get the pricing for packing, taxes, and  shipping and let you know the total cost. Please use PayPal for your payment to Carla Moss.


A new section on that site will be dedicated to BRONZES:  I am only doing Special Commissions and Public Art by request.   Also, a few of my originals and some bronzes are still available.  Please contact me if you have a question.You can contact me here, or the other email is:   go  to