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Each sculpture is One-of-A-Kind.


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     The Scientist, Dr. Zany

 15" tall x 6" Long (deep)  x 5" Wide


SaneScientist also good with Antenna up_


Bruce has potato peelers for skis! His head is a flip phone so he can call if there is an emergency on the slopes. In his essential backpack he has maps of Big Mountain in Whitefish, MT. I made an actual map of the area. His ski patrol insignia is a copy of the real patch they wore during the late 60s and 70s. He is prepared just like Bruce in real life was!

This is page 6

Bruce, my old friend from Big Mountain. His duty is to help any skier in need and radio (phone) in the info to headquarters. His speedy skis are actuall potato peelers, and he wears a great hat made from an old sock--Clean, that is! He is also made from an old circuit , plasttic wire covers on his legs, and warm gloves!.

Logo of the Bi_edited_edited.jpg

Bruce is wearing the real insignia of Big Mountain Ski Patrol!  Click on it to see it closer.

Bruce Antenna up ready to go_edited_edit

  Bruce, Big  Mountain Ski Patrol

  15" Tall x  9" Long (deep) x 8" Wide  

Dr, Zany does experiments wherever he travels! Here's one right now!

The periodic chart_edited.jpg

Dr, Zany loves his magnifying glass!

Scientist Dr. Zany is constructed with a telephone and an antenna goes up when he needs a bit more "little gray cells" to do his experiments. He has a tummy with the periodic table, small tubes and magnifying glass, and on his back is a pack for test tubes and tools. His feet are dominos.

Bruce has his safety  back pack_edited_e

Bruce has an essential backpack with maps of Big Mountain, Ski trails, and more for the safety of the skiers all stored in a metal, vintage bandaide box!

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Chickens in Outer Space!    An Important Journey

Each is 12" Long x 10" Wide x 26" Tall

$475.00 each or $900.00 pair
They would like to stay together.

Jupi and ToMars are 2 VERY important “Eggstronauts! These
2 biologists have been assigned an extremely difficult but
important mission. They will soon be going far out into outer space
to find a new, friendly planet to raise new chicken families!
“Supreme Eggs” are safely tucked away and will be carefully
hatched to populate new and compatible homes for the little
chicks. The shocking decline of the World population of chickens,
based on newly found statistics, has forced the chicken population
to leave Earth and seek safe places to grow and prosper where
no one will ever cage them again. The reasons for this shocking
decline led to a few speculations but the fact remains,  the decline
is likely due to The Colonel whose initials are KFC and other
suspected  corporations ( Chick Fil A?).
This very hopeful mission, which Jupi and ToMars have volunteered to accept, will be dangerous and filled with uncertainty. The 2 brave chickens will only succeed by their bravery and determination! Until this EGG  MYSTERY has been solved, Jupi and ToMars will go where no chickens have gone before in order to explore strange new planets, to seek out new poultry habitat and establish new populations –to carry on with new chicken populations of families and outstanding new colonies!

20180625_071025 (1).jpg
Chickens in Outer Space front view_edite

The 2 Eggstronaunts are made of lots of computer parts and found items. The eggs are gently carried in a box with straw. The feathered neck pieces are badminton shuttlecocks I got from China (U.S. now makes plastic shuttles).  

Chicken with green head closeup of beak_edited.jpg

Helmets are removable glass fish bowl, Bic "Wite-Out" tool for the heads,  and an old ink pen "nib" for the beak. Buttons are the eyes!  Red ribbon makes the chickens combs. The antennas are parts of an old flip phone.

chicken with green head top half front_edited.jpg

Shuttlecock feathers

new with corn flakes_edited_edited.jpg

Legs are metal salad tongs. Little cereal box is appropiate for this trip!

Chicken with Hen Patrol pin_edited.jpg

"Turn off" valve for air supply to helmets

Chickens Gree head with front closeup of egg and chicken brigade medal_edited.jpg

Medal of Eggcellance

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