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                    Snoopy Dog

       6" Tall x 3" wide x  7" Long




Snoopy Dog will be happy to sit on your desk or counter all day, holding your business cards OR dog bones for your Pooch. She is a patient and happy pup. Her heart is always happy and she will be there for your little treasures.


Snoopy's body is an electrical outlet box, her cute nose is an electric wire twist, and she has stove "leveling bolts" for legs, her head is an electrical part, ears are tabs from a computer part, she has a watch band for her blue collar, glass heart, dog bones, spring, etc. 


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          6" tall x 6" wide x 9" long  

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Buggsley is made from an appliance outlet, and he  has 2 clear plastic eye covers from my cataract surgery, a large gold "leaf" from a metal fruit bowl, a computer part on his back,  a fuse from my husband's old pickup truck is now a stinger on the underside, and a long snout of wire. 

Red Dog Leader

13" Tall x 6" Long x 7" wide


Red Dog has a hand held remote control (for RC  cars) for his bright red head, a spring in his neck so he can continually look around for old doggie toys, vintage roller skate wheels for feet, a bouncy, wagging tail, and some unique additions from a broken bracelet. His title on his computer part chest is D.O.G.  The “D G” is from a "Dolce & Gabbana” handbag. He wears the honor well with the addition of a small “o” washer…D.O.G.   Dog On Guard-A leader amongst leaders.


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              The Little Ballerina
38" Tall x 8" 12" deep x 8" wide


                              A little tea with your ballet?

 "I love to dance at any chance I get! It does matter where, as long as I can dance!"...Betsy, the Ballerina

Her lower body is an antique  brass German school bell minus the handle, her tutu is made from old window screen material, her little feet are created from parts of an “ear bud” and the left-over parts are what her hands are made of.  She also has other computer parts, beads, copper legs and arms, and buttons.  The tea pot is old as well as the tea trivet. She so cute!

      Gone Fishin'
29" Tall x 10" Deep x 20" Wide

My Dad loved fishing. He couldn’t go as much as he wanted but when he did, it was a big adventure. Something always happened!


This is quite the collection of parts and pieces. His legs are old sprinkler parts. If you open a his “tummy box” ( and electrical box), you will see what odds and ends you can find and identify! He has lots of little items inside. There is a propeller on his back in case he falls into the stream (which did happen one time). It will automatically “start” and carry him safely to shore. He also has maps of the Flathead River Drainage System, in Montana,  a ruler so he can’t CHEAT on the size of the fish, & pictures of his buddies .  Look for the compass and flashlight (He got lost one night in BEAR country). He always brought flowers back for Mom and he collected cool stones for the yard.   Oh, he liked his old hat, too. The one with the extra flies.  The fishing box is an antique, item, too. the "pop-up" will show you what it says on the top.


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