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Gloria Jean and Etta FishGerald
                  10.5"tall x 5" deep x 3" wide
                 One-of-a-kind        $225.00 

Ettaright side view.jpg
Etta closeupright side.jpg
Etta front.jpg


Etta the fish  closeup  from left.jpg
Ettas handler full view left.jpg
Etta backview.jpg





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Gloria Jean and Etta FishGerald take lovely, refreshing daily walks. Gloria Jean straps on her skates, grabs her purse, and out they go for a fun "walkies" around the neighborhood.  Etta especially loves to go by the local cat store and blow bubbles at the felines as they drool at their window ledges.! What a tease!


Gloria Jean is made of a light bulb with game pieces on top Gloria Jean's head (for her modern haircut), a piece of piping for her top half, arms made from toilet flushing handles, an elevator fuse for her lower half covered in screening for her skirt, alligator clips for hands, her purse is a paper clamp and leather with a hair tie for a handle, legs of threaded rods covered in wire cover, and dominos for feet. Her roller skates are spare parts...I don't know what these came from.

Etta FishGerald is made from a jacket's zipper "pull" and her leash is a wire. She "floats" in a Christmas Tree décor bulb above a bed of crystals.

Etta's wheels are came from a Matchbox car.

...and NOW...

These can be magnified--place your cursor over any part of the image and left click. Move the magnify glass around! 

                               "Portraits of Family and Friends "
        Framed and ready to hang on your wall and guaranteed to add to your memories! 
                                           Here's the first one of more to come
                                                          "The Royals"
                                      11.5 " tall  x  8.5" wide  x  4" deep


    One-of-a-kind            $375.00

The Royals top of frame 1.jpg

Top of frame with little trinkets

The Royals hanging on a wall.jpg
Royals good side view.jpg
The Royals closeup 1.jpg

Prince Albert ( in a can) and The Duchess, Lady Altoid, had a very hard time rounding up the royal kids. The twins, #1 and #2,  didn't want to come in for the their ANNUAL PORTRAIT. They wanted to play with the dog but The Duchess told them the dog had to "STAY OUT". (This is why I left him out of this portrait).  Big sister,Sissy, the one who seems to be able to keep the boys in line, is so glad that they behaved (somewhat) for a few minutes. All in all, it was the photographer's worst day. He dreads the ANNUAL PORTRAIT!   Where is the Royal Pooch?

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  Made of old Tobacco Tin, Altoid tins, nuts & bolts, computer parts, elevator switches, and wires, springs, etc. The shadow box frame is rustic and is life sometimes when you're a Royal.  Mom's lovely high heels are made form under counter sink clamps Sissy's skirt is a piece of plastic screening. and Prince Albert and The Duchess have heads made from elevator switches. See if you can guess what else is used.

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