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These are LARGE bots

                   Simon and Vicky
Planetary Surface  Maintenance   Personnel

Heading 1

          26" Tall x 13" Deep x 16" Wide--each
             $875.00  Each  or   $1600.00  Pair 

This is Page 3

             Vicky, Maintenance
              27" Tall x 10" Deep x 16" Wide

      Simon, Recovery

            26" Tall x 13" Deep x 16" Wide

Their heads are created from old car ash trays!

Vicky has various clean up equipment to take with her to vacuum, wash, etc. each site they are called out to recycle. 

Vicky frontal show AMD fan_edited_edited

Simon does mostly repairs or dis-assembles left over parts. His job is extremely dangerous. He carries many tools and his lunch .

Tom Trotter good full frontal_edited_edi

Tom Trotter, World Traveler
              ( A study Lamp!)
        32" Tall x 14" Deep x 20" Wide

Special shipping Applies

        Welcome to MY WORLD!

"I’m so excited to be going on another trip somewhere in our great big wonderful world!
I have visited many people and places on our unique planet.
I’ve learned so much from my fellow adventurers  and fellow travelers! My trunk is ready to fill again with treasures and my passport is ready to go again!
Please look at the many trinkets and souvenirs I’ve collected--- and I will get more.
Grab your suitcases and come travel with me on another unbelievable adventure…somewhere!"

Created with an old globe, a recycled Atlas, and a little bucket for his head...which is an adjustable study lamp, various tubes, and sprinkler parts, Tom has several little items related to travel. Check out the little cars and planes inside the Atlas and in other places. He has his own passport with his picture, and he has many travel brochures which are kinda OLD. His little trunk is all hand made and lined with maps, even his legs are wrapped in maps. The trinkets on the globe are just a few of the places that Tom has visited. Look closely for more hidden objects.        

Gallery Page 3

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