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Simon and Vicky,  Planetary Surface  Maintenance   Personnel

26" Tall x 13" Deep x 16" Wide--each
      $875.00  Each or $1600.00 Pair 

  Vicky, Planetary Surface maintenance
          27" Tall x 10" Deep x 16" Wide

Special shipping Applies   

     simon, Planetary Salvage Recovery
         26" Tall x 13" Deep x 16" Wide

“I’m just doing what must be done to keep our  planets clean…”                                                 --Vicky


Maintaining all surfaces is the important job –and skill—that Vicky loves. She makes final “sweeps” of cracks and crevices and places that need a thorough vacuuming. These new, clean, and now, tidy places, will become the amazing spaces for new housing areas, beautiful gardens, and exciting playgrounds for children on  many planets.

She removes the contaminates and other “unappealing items” such as leftover cans, old paper, bottle caps, fast food garbage, string, old newspapers, and an occasional game piece from previous inhabitants.

She absolutely loves her life and she loves to keep every planet clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy. She hopes you will do the same on your planet!


Vicky has the same type of head as Simon, a vintage car ash tray, and both she and Simon have rheostats for antennae, Tubes and gears for her vacuum and water brush.  Her shoes, same as Simon's  are from old elevator parts. computer parts and old wires and gauges form her body. Her skirt is made from old recycled window screens. 


 "In order to maintain and improve our environment, I strive to recycle and rebuild what is discarded"



Simon belongs to the elite group of “Salvage and Recovery ART-bots” that are commissioned to recover any valuable mechanical parts and any important electronics from “Cities of Lost Treasures” throughout our Solar System.

He carries items in his backpack that help him in his cold and lonely

work. This is the most dangerous work, amongst obsolete wrecks of former satellite communications stations, crashed space ships, and robotics found on the on various planets. His big eyes constantly scan the planet surface for any viable parts that will help his own planet survive.

 Simon’s head is made from a vintage car ash tray, while his body and legs are created from old computer parts.

He stands in the rubble of computer Mother Boards and hard drives.


  A Day at the Park with Dad
     38" Tall x  11" Deep x 24" wide

Special shipping Applies   

                             Batter UP!


Dad and son are heading to the park for a

game of baseball. The two of them try to spend at least one full day together until      it's time for bed!


This sculpture is made with so many parts and pieces that I challenge you to try to name at least 10 items and what they were at one time!  


Hint on a couple: The legs are springs from pop up sprinklers, and check out the feet. The son has skate  board feet!

See if you can find the Yellow screw that can be lifted up. See what’s behind it. The red SawzAll box can be CAREFULLY opened and many things can be stored inside.

        The Little Flower Girl
     25" Tall x 9" Deep x 9" Wide


How fun to have her very own garden!

She is created with computer parts—see her feet?

 And lots of other computer parts. Look closely.

 She has a watering can ready to give water to the flowers.

Even her necklace is a watering can—a spare!

She’s giving you the WINK of playfulness that she gives all

the gardeners that see her.

She also comes mounted on her own garden book--all about gardening!


                              ART-bot prices do not include taxes, professional packaging, or shipping charges.

  •                             I will deliver any ART-bot over 24" tall and within 100 miles of Kalispell, MT at NO extra charge except taxes.

  • AFTER you've selected  your favorite ART-bot, I will get the pricing for packing, taxes, and  shipping and let you know the total cost. Please use PayPal for your payment to Carla Moss.

Tom Trotter, World Traveler

                       ( A study Lamp!)
        32" Tall x 14" Deep x 20" Wide

                         Welcome to MY WORLD!

"I’m so excited to be going on another trip somewhere in our great big wonderful world!

 I have visited many people and places on our unique planet.

I’ve learned so much from my fellow adventurers  and fellow travelers! My trunk is ready to fill again with treasures and my passport is ready to go again!

 Please look at the many trinkets and souvenirs I’ve collected--- and I will get more.

 Grab your suitcases and come travel with me on another unbelievable adventure…somewhere!"

Created with an old globe, a recycled Atlas, and a little bucket for his head...which is an adjustable study lamp, various tubes, and sprinkler parts, Tom has several little items related to travel. Check out the little cars and planes inside the Atlas and in other places. He has his own passport with his picture, and he has many travel brochures which are kinda OLD. His little trunk is all hand made and lined with maps, even his legs are wrapped in maps. The trinkets on the globe are just a few of the places that Tom has visited. Look closely for more hidden objects.        

Special shipping Applies

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