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                    Five TINY-bots 

                              5" Tall x 2" wide x 2" deep

                        $125.00 each with small collector case included 

"TINY -bots"

5" tall x  2" Square in a collector's case

  Each little 5 inch tall bot comes in its own acrylic  Collector Case. They can be shown in or out of the case

Elinor, The Flower Child 

Barney, With "Pumpkin"

Jon Snow, With His Sled 

Jibbie ,With Her Lock

Kal, With His Key

$175.00 Each

More -----New TINY-bots

        5" Tall x 5"wide x 8" long

           Snoopy Dog
      6" tall x 3" wide x 7" long


Thank you for looking at my A.R.T.-bots

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