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 Not Toys, But "Fine Art Sculptures". Put A Smile On The Face Of Your Inner Child


"Artfully Recycled Treasures" =  A.R.T.-bots.


The items I needed to begin my new creations were right in front of me; computer parts, old mechanical gears, washers, wires, and clamps, clocks, sprinkler parts, and a huge amount of recyclable pieces that might go into "the junk" pile!


I've put together an amazing number of parts and created the first of many ART-bots you will see in the future. All parts are screwed and glued--NO welding! The series and subjects grow, even as I type this. Some have gone to new places but I will try to update the news as more are being finished.


I still love bronze casting and do commissions.  Yes, this new form of sculpture is still somewhat representational of people and animals. I'm carrying on all that I've learned but using a different medium and a whole new attitude!!!!


They are all ONE-OF-A-KIND treasures. Each one is created with many parts and "findings".  They all come with a Certificates of Authenticity so they are very special. They will add smiles and imagination to your fine art collection.  Collect more than one or two so they'll have companions! 


 Please contact me to learn how YOU can own one.   Now, off to the studio to make more A.R.T-bots !

Parts and Pieces.jpg

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Joe Java's Bean Juice Cart

25" Tall x 9" Deep x 9" Wide                 $425.00 

 I'm Now Back In Kalispell, Montana
                408 -499-2561

Updated 6/20/2024

    ART-bots include shipping charges within the contiguous US. ART-bot prices do not include taxes, where applicable, 
I will deliver any ART-bot over 24" tall and within 100 miles of Kalispell, MT at NO extra charge. If you live farther away in Montana, please ask me about possible deliveries to your home.


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Each sculpture is One-of-A-Kind.

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