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A  Little   About   Carla

Carla Moss is pictured drilling holes in the concrete bases where the bronzes will be placed.

Carla is seen drilling holes in  three concrete "pads" for  the  new placement of the "Cartwheel Kids" bronzes at the (NEW) Milpitas (California) Library. Carla  had submitted a drawing of a model in early 1999 as a competition for a public art piece. In 2000 she made a small model using her siblings and the children at the school where she was teaching.She was selected by the Milpitas Arts Committee in early 2002 to create the life-size children, and it was installed in 2004 at The Milpitas City Hall.
"CartWheels!" is now located outside in front of the Milpitas Children's Library Section which was the old Milpitas Elementary School. 

To see more of Carla's Bronze work and other art she creates, go to my other work:

Carla1 copy.jpg

Carla & KD, The Actual Boss,  2021

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My Philosophy



   Charlene the Chameleon        Sam, The Avenging Nighthawk    The Little Ballerina                      Vince, The Dragon                     

Vincent the Dragon
upper_lower jaws made from 2 garden trow

Each sculpture is One-of-A-Kind.

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