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WELCOME to the World of A.R.T.-bots

            Where Recycled Junk Comes Alive!
Robot-like Creations for Your Office or Home  

"Artfully Recycled Treasures"

One-Of-a-Kind, Amazing, Unusual, Fantastic Sculptures
Not Toys --Very Collectible --Wonderfully Detailed,  Art

Come see these amazing pieces at the Whitefish Art Festival,  Whitefish, Montana, July 5th.,  6th, & 7th at Depot Park at the railroad station at the north end of town. 
Carla Artist of the Year 2014.jpg

Artist of the Year

Carla Moss, 2nd from right, receivng the "Artist of the Year" certificate from the Honorable Jose Estevez, Mayor of Milpitas, CA

Updated 6/20/2024

      Yes, That's right! These are NOT toys.


Each sculpture is an artfully (the "A" in A.R.T.-bots) and a very unusual piece. These wonderful sculptures come from collected items, antiques, and recycled junk ( the "R" in A.R.T.-bots). Each one is a major work of art created for you, a grown up! These colorful treasures ("T" for treasures in A.R.T.-bots) are "fine art collector" pieces.  Maybe you have that inner kid inside you wanting to once again have a very special "one-of-a-kind" artwork that NO ONE ELSE HAS. You are THAT BIG KID that loved all those old toys and now wishes you could be back in those days where ALL your toys were so very special. I MADE these for the spirit and soul and imagination of that little kid that you and I once were. Not just a collection of memories, but now in YOUR collection of fine art-- and these are even more special now! Oh, Kids love these but aren't play things. Let them explore them from your desk or special place you have in your home.

Carla at City Hall small_edited_edited_e

"Gone Fishin" with Carla Moss at The City Hall Rotunda in Milpitas, CA

Follow the pages to see a few of these imaginative works

My studio is now located in Kalispell, Montana

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