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"Moving" into the new year...

"Creativity isn't Logical" Pablo Picasso

As some of you know, my husband and I are getting ready to "pull the trigger" and move home to Kalispell, Montana.

The past many years have been both educational and very exciting. We left Kalispell in 1986, right after I finished and presented the 17 foot bronze, "Mountain Majesty" to the people of the Flathead Valley and the visitors that come to our great area. It was my first major

Carla 2018---Fremont Dog Fun Days

achievement. The life size Bald Eagles fly at the Glacier Park International Airport. Now, I felt encouraged to try other adventures before anymore time slipped by.

We packed everything we could and sold the rest, took our precious lab, Dinah, and headed for Maui. After a few years working with some amazing people and galleries, I felt so at home. The locals were awesome and I enjoyed the history and the culture---and THE FOOD! Then, we were offered great jobs in California! Packing again, we made another move. I'm still not sure if I should have left this magnificent, most beautiful place...or the ocean that revealed so many treasures deep down, in the blue waters.

We were off to the Bay Area of San Francisco where I was born. Although my parents were Kalispell residents, as soon as my Dad finished his medical schooling, we left San Francisco and went "home". I was nearly 2 years old!

Now, my husband and I were living in Milpitas, "The Little Corn Field", the heart of Silicon Valley. It was a nice, smaller town just south of San Jose and we really liked it. Now it has changed in the 30 years we have resided here. Many people coming in for jobs, crowded freeways and too many housing developments. This just isn't part of our personality! Now after a successful art career, and a few public art pieces, it's time to come home to the beautiful Flathead Valley.

I'll fill you in next time with how the art business and the packing is going.

Let me know if you have been "a mover" and where you've come from or gone to. Tell me what you think Kalispell is like now after all these years. Are you new to the Flathead? Are you an artist? What galleries are the best ? Why?

I would appreciate hearing from you.

Until next time,


Miss Thea T. Pott suddenly realized that the silver tray had begun to tip...

$ 345.00


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