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How I made "Charlene, The Chameleon"

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

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...from wires to WOW!

As I've been packing some of the A.R.T.- bots that I have here in the room, I wanted to show you how I put one together. I decided to show you Charlene. Charlene began as all A.R.T-bots do. First comes the BIG idea! Maybe a certain found object could be something else! Sometimes it may seem

weird but I have a BIG imagination and I

can see what could happen. Once you know what it could be, the process begins.

I saw an old fishing bait box (the kind you hang on your belt) in a junk shop and thought that it kinda looks the back of and animal or bug. Hmmm... What could I do with this?

So, I took it home. You can see it in the image above. I usually start gathering wires and objects I already have in my boxes of junk, or go out looking for them at E-cycling places (Electronics) here in Silicon Valley. There are a few places with huge boxes of electronics that go out to be recycled and I love to spend an hour or so, filling my basket. Some places charge by the pound OR you can make a donation which goes to a local charity.

So, by now, I have decided to make a chameleon. And, because I normally name my pieces after people I know, this will be Charlene. I find some silver Pickle forks and these make great feet for Charlene. Just a note here, I want to make the feet similar to a chameleon so these have 2 tines for toes.

I use screws to attach most of the pieces together on all of my A.R.T.-bots. They can't be soldered together because the heat would ruin the colors. So all the parts have to be correctly measured and then drilled in all parts.

Opening the box, I can see endless possibilities for "hidden" items.

In the following images I will add some notes about those "things" and how I found items to add and how I finished her.

I will add images now to show you some additional assemblage on "Charlene, The Chameleon.

Spark plugs!

A color wheel!

A gate chain!

Items I've found to use are:

* A broken automatic gate chain.

* A book about South America where lots of Chameleons are found.

* A branch for her to climb on.

* I "shrunk" some actual books down to her size and copied them to paper. She is studying how to be a very good Chameleon.

* A little pair of glasses so she can read the books.

* A color wheel that actually turns.

* Spark Plugs from various old cars...keeps her going.

* A little bug catcher. You know she has to eat!

* Her head is made from a shoe stretcher.

*...lots more stuff.

* Open the bait box! Electronics!

* ...Keep looking.

KD Hop On Pop ...My final critic

If you are in the Kalispell, Montana area, I'm hoping to teach a couple of classes at FVCC in the fall. Check back and see what evolves!

Thank you for tuning in. Please join the blog by signing up. If you have any questions or comments. please ask or tell me what you have on your mind.

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